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A Lasting Symbol of remembrance, a final gift to someone dearly loved

Delivery & Installation

Ngoda Granites does not offer a delivery service but contracts a delivery company to make deliveries throughout Zimbabwe.

Permit Applications

For every council cemetery in every town or city there is a permit required, we assist our clients in processing these permit applications.


We will also inscribe a message of your choice on the stone, please see our Inscriptions page for available messages.

About Ngoda Granites

A gravestone for your loved one has got to be beautiful and unique However, you also need to pay attention to the price so that it does not exceed your budget. So you will have to explore several options to help find the perfect memorial headstone to honor the deceased. It is suggested that you also consider the regulations and guidelines provided by the cemetery in which you would be getting the gravestone installed After all such a huge and significant investment should not go in vain


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